Plumbing maintenance Torquay – tips before the cold sets in

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As our days are getting shorter and we transition into Winter here in Torquay and on the Surf Coast, we have listed the plumbing maintenance chores you should be undertaking before the colder weather sets in.

Roof gutters

A clean gutter collects water and sends it down the drain pipe, away from your home.  Leaf matter and other debris that obstruct the flow of water causing it to pool, puts pressure on the gutters and drain pipes and can cause costly structural damage to your home.  A leaking roof is often a sign of a neglected gutter or burst drain pipe.

Clean your drains

Keeping your drains in good condition is one of the easiest things you can do to care for your home.  Routinely drain cleaning with vinegar and bi-carb soda is a cheap and environmentally friendly remedy.

Clean your dishwasher

One way to add sparkle to your day is to clean the filter in your dishwasher.  Regular maintenance will not only ensure that the drains remain clear but will see your next wash come out sparkling and fresh.

Check the connections on your washing machine

Pressure and leaks around the taps of your washing machine are signs of impending trouble.  Seal up any drips with water resistant tape and check the water pressure.  Watch for water leaks during the next machine cycle.

Hot water unit plumbing check

Not many people enjoy a cold shower but in winter they’re a definite no go!  In the Winter months, hot water units are under increased load due to individuals having hotter and longer showers.  If in the months leading up to winter you are finding that your hot water system seems to be under performing, we’d recommend getting it looked at by a plumbing expert.  They will be able to repair any defects  or advise if a replacement is required, before the unit bursts and potentially causes costly damage to your property and you’re in need of an emergency plumber.

Cleaning solar panels and check inverter and credits on bill

Your solar power loses effectiveness by up to 30% when the panels are dirty.  Your local plumber can come out and give your solar panels a good clean and check they are in good working order.  They can also check your inverter is in good working order too.

Check all taps and all flex hoses for leaks and drips

Leaking taps are easy to spot and get fixed.  Flexi hoses on the other hand require a visual inspection and checking if the hose has frayed wires.  If you can see rust or unraveling of wires you need to organise a licensed plumber to replace these straight away.

Plumbing Maintenance in Torquay, Surf Coast, Bellarine and Geelong

With these few tips, emergency plumbing repairs can be avoided and potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Should you have any questions or would like one of our friendly qualified plumbers to assist you please contact us We are local Plumbers providing Plumbing Maintenance in Torquay, Jan Juc, Anglesea, Bellarine and Geelong areas.

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