‘flushable’ wipes blocking your drainage system?

Wipes are the ‘go-to’ for many households including childcare centres.  They are also tough enough to clean your bbq with just one wipe!

If you have ever tried to rip one up, you would know that it’s extremely hard to do so by hand, so if some brands are saying they are flushable, how is water meant to break it down?  Unlike toilet paper which breaks down in the water within minutes, wipes hold their form completely.

The team at Franklin Plumbing in Geelong and along the Surf Coast have been called out several times to homes as these wipes create blockage in your pipes by mixing with oils, fats and hair and catching on the cracks and roots in your pipes.

Many homes across Geelong and the Surf Coast have already experienced the burden of a blocked drain due to these wipes, causing overflowing sewers, clogged toilets and terrible smells when you least expect it,   especially with household drainage use increasing while we are all keeping isolated.

To avoid blockage make sure you are throwing any wet wipes you use into the bin rather down the toilet.  It is always best to follow the three P’s rules for what goes down the toilet: pee, poo and paper only – PPP!!

Our team at Franklin Plumbing in Geelong and along the Surf Coast are here to assist you should you experience a blockage situation.  Give us a call on 0421 844 865 to schedule the service and have us inspect your drains.  You could be saving yourself time, money and extreme discomfort by clearing these blockages before they become a greater issue.

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