Hot Water Repairs

Having hot water issues? Then contact Franklin Plumbing. We offer a full hot water system install, maintenance and repair service, providing a reliable and efficient service on all types of hot water systems including electric and gas hot water services.

With our extensive experience as licensed plumbers and gasfitters, we’ve dealt with all the major hot water brands in Australia, so you can rest assured that your system is in safe hands.

Franklin Plumbing hot and cold water services include:

  • Repair of hot water units
  • Replacement of hot water units
  • Repair of leaking pipes
  • Repair of burst pipes
  • Installation of hot and cold water for new homes
  • Installation of hot and cold water for renovations
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Do you have a plumbing problem?

    What should be my first saving impulse if a water pipe in my home bursts?

    There is no easy way to tackle a burst pipe on your own. But you can do a lot of damage control by turning a main supply off as soon as you are faced with a burst pipe. This will not only save you from the mess but also aver the danger of water coming in contact with any electrical points.


    That done, call a plumber right away.

    How much do you charge for repairing a hot water unit?

    The repair charge always depends on the kind and extent of repair that the unit needs. It may also depend on whether the repair needs any spare parts. To get a close estimate, please get in touch with one of our hot water heater repair experts near you. Give us a call at 0421 844 865 today.

    I need an efficient water heating unit installed in my home that is in its final stages of construction. Would you be able to help?

    Sure. We would love to help you out. We’re adept at installing hot and cold water systems for new properties. You can count on us. Our hot water installers can also guide you on which brand to buy for best efficiency and low bills.

    Can I fix a leaky hot water pipe by myself?

    If you are fairly well-versed with plumbing, why not? It can save you some money. But if plumbing is not something you have taken up before, we recommend you entrust an expert with this job.

    Do you give service guarantees on hot water unit installation?

    Yes, all our installations and repairs come with our very own service guarantee on hot water installation & repairs in Geelong and nearby areas.

    We always strive to deliver the best service you can get anywhere. As part of our commitment to ensure we maintain our high standards and the best service available, we have developed our own service guarantee that you can hold us to.