The Franklin Plumbing Guide to Solar Hot Water

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live on the Surf Coast have been enjoying a stunning season on the beaches of Torquay, Jan Juc and Anglesea this summer.

Living in a warm, sunny climate makes you realise what an opportunity people are missing out on if they haven’t updated to a solar hot water system.

What’s your water heater costing you?

Many people don’t realise that no matter how you source your energy (electric or gas), your traditional water heater is one of the biggest energy guzzlers in your home. It also accounts for up to 25% of your household’s greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to a solar hot water system will not only protect you from bill shock, your carbon footprint will also go down a shoesize or two.

Aren’t solar hot water systems more expensive?

It’s true to say that solar hot water systems are a bigger investment upfront than gas or electric, but the benefits certainly go a long way towards offsetting the higher initial cost.

It is also worth checking out the Victorian Government incentives for solar hot water. You could be eligible to receive a $1000 rebate.

Solar Hot Water is worth the investment

  • Enjoy using free energy from the sun
  • Reduce your water heating bill up to 70% during peak summer months*
  • Halve your water-heating-related carbon emissions**
  • Relax in a continuous flow of hot water (even on cloudy days, an electric or gas ‘booster’ can ensure that your hot water needs are covered)
  • Gain a return on your investment (a well maintained solar hot water system should pay for itself within 4-8 years)
  • Improve the value of your home (energy savings are an attractive prospect for potential buyers)

*compared with electric hot water
**compared with traditional hot water systems

Franklin Plumbing offers the full range of solar hot water services

Your solar hot water system can only be installed by a qualified and experienced plumber. Because our plumbers are experts in all types of solar hot water installation, we can also advise on which systems are best suited to your home and hot water needs.

Servicing and maintenance
People tend to forget about their solar hot water unless something goes wrong. It’s out of sight and hard to access – how often do most people willingly get up on their roof?

Regular maintenance should be carried out to keep your family in the right kind of ‘hot water’.

A reputable plumber will:

  • Check the pressure relief valve and expansion control valve every 12 months. These important safety devices should also be replaced every 3-5 years to avoid costly water damage to your roof
  • Check the tank for cracks and leaks
    NB: If damage is irreparable and you have an old unit, the tank most likely can’t be sourced for that system. Unfortunately, the whole unit will likely need replacing
  • Check solar panels for leaks and give them a good clean (to make sure they are working at maximum capacity).

Solar hot water emergencies
You should contact a plumber if you notice:

  • Rusty water – this could be an anode rod fail or possibly tank corrosion
  • A bad smell – a ‘rotten egg’ odour could be a sign of bacteria in your unit
  • Odd noises – popping or whining noises indicate sediment build up
  • Water leaks – a busted valve or a hole in your tank needs urgent attention

Contact Franklin Plumbing about solar hot water today
For solar hot water installation, maintenance or repair contact Franklin Plumbing. Because we service all locations from Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea and Jan Juc, through to Aireys inlet, Fairhaven and Lorne, no matter where you are on the Surf Coast, you can be sure a Franklin plumber is never far away.

Image attribution: Fairv8 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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