Guide for hot water system and repairs

Protect your family from shower-shock with Franklin Plumbing’s quick guide to hot water systems and repairs

Your hot water service probably doesn’t get a lot of love. Unlike other major appliances in your home, this quiet over-achiever is most likely shut away in a dark cupboard or hidden down the side walkway of your home – you’d be forgiven for forgetting about it altogether.

Despite preferring hot showers, sparkling dishes and fresh, clean laundry, we often take the hot water rushing from our taps for granted. It can be quite a shock when your faithful water heater suddenly lets you down. Understandably, you’ll want it back in working order ASAP!

Don’t worry – we’ve put together Franklin Plumbing’s Quick Guide to Hot Water Systems and Repairs to answer your water heater FAQs:

How do I know when my water heater is on its way out?

Since those science guys still haven’t invented a reliable way to predict the future, you will have to rely on some old-school plumber know-how to protect yourself from ‘shower shock’.

You might need to call in the professionals if:

  • your hot water is just not as…well… hot as it used to be.
  • your hot water system has celebrated a few too many birthdays. Most units last around 8-12 years. After that reliability becomes an issue.
  • your hot water system makes a lot of noise. Over time the build-up of hardened sediment in the bottom of the tank can cause a rumbling or banging sound. These noisy ‘complaints’ are a reliable sign of ageing.
  • you notice rust in your water. Dirty-red or orange water is never a good sign for your plumbing. If it’s coming from the hot tap, urgent attention is needed – a rusty tank may spring a leak at any time, causing even more serious (and expensive) damage.
  • Speaking of leaks… that’s a sure-fire sign that your hot water service is in trouble. If you see even just little water around the unit call for a water heater repair as soon as you can.

How do I know whether to repair or replace my water heater?

It is unlikely that you will have all the information you need to decide whether you should repair or replace your water heater. Without expertise, it can be difficult to know exactly what is wrong. You also may not have access to key details that should influence your decision. For example, if your hot water service moved into your home before you did, you may not know how old the unit is or have records of previous maintenance and repairs. Add a high element of risk into the mix (water + electricity = eeek!) and you really are better off having a professional do a proper assessment. A good local plumber can be trusted to advise you – they can recognise when a hot water system is too far gone but also won’t encourage unnecessary replacement.

How can I get the most out of my hot water service?

Prevention is always better (and cheaper!) than cure. An annual maintenance check and service will keep your water heater in good working order for longer. This service may include:

·       A flush – this process helps to remove and control the build-up of mineral deposits in your hot water tank, making your water heater run more efficiently and extending the life of the unit.

·       Tank inspection – just like a mechanic can check over your car for potential problems, a plumber can check for cracks, leaks and other smaller issues that might grow up to be expensive headaches for you down the track.

·       Leak repair – this can’t be said enough… leaks are never good. They need fixing ASAP.

·       Adjusting the thermostat – hot water systems must stay at 60 degrees Celsius or higher to keep the bugs and nasties out of your hot water. Your plumber can ensure that your unit is delivering and storing water at the right temperature for your comfort, safety and to suit your family’s usage.


Now you know what signs to look for, what maintenance will keep your unit in top shape and when to call in the professionals, we know you will enjoy and appreciate your hard-working hot water hero a little more.

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