Under pressure: the advantages of water jetting for clearing (and maintaining) your drain and sewer system

I’ve talked a lot over the past couple of months about blocked drains and how to keep your sewer and drainage systems clear and well-maintained.

But what else can be done to stop the rising tide from your blocked toilet or sink when you’ve plunged, done the ‘vinegar-and-baking-soda-trick’ and even resorted to using up the last of your old bottle of chemical drain cleaner?

Don’t worry – there’s one more ace up your local plumber’s sleeve: water jetting.

What is water jetting?

You may be more familiar with the term ‘high-pressure cleaning’, which is essentially what jetting a drain or sewer entails. Around 30L of water per minute is released through a flexible hose under extremely high pressure.

While water jetting equipment can operate at pressures up to 20,000 psi, anything much above 5000 psi could cause damage to your pipes. Pressures ranging between 1000 -5000 psi are usually enough to blast away most common obstructions.

How does it work?

First, your plumber will use a drain camera to inspect your pipes and diagnose what exactly is causing the issue.

They will then use specialised water jetting equipment, which creates a ‘blade’ of water that can slice through almost any household ‘gunk’, sediment or tree roots that may be clogging your sewer line.

Once the offending blockage has been broken down sufficiently, it will be carried away down the drain.

Simple, but so effective.

What are the benefits of water jetting?

  • It works on most types of blockages – whether it’s grease build-up, wipes, toilet paper, hair, sediment or even tree roots that are backing up your drainage system, I guarantee that they’re no match for your local plumber wielding a water jetting machine.
  • It’s fast – the inconvenience of a blocked drain in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry isn’t something you’ll want to live with for longer than you have Water jetting can clear the average blocked drain in around an hour. Even for more complex obstructions, water jetting is still quicker than other methods, such as electric eel, chemicals or eco drain cleaner.
  • It’s a chemical-free solution – water jetting is so much better for the environment, since you won’t be releasing harsh chemicals into our waterways. You’ll also be keeping toxic and dangerous substances out of your home and away from small children and family pets.
  • It not only clears, but also cleans out your pipes – a thorough clean will not only clear the immediate obstruction, it also prevents potential future blockages from building up in the line. Used correctly, water-jetting can safely clean sludge and grime from your entire drain and sewer system without risking damage (even to older pipes).
  • There’s minimal disruption to your property – water jetting can resolve blockages that traditionally would have required digging up your pipes. If you’ve got a tree-root issue under a structure or less accessible area of your property, it may be less expensive to plan for regular water jetting than it would be to access the pipes for replacement.
  • It’s compatible with any drain configuration – the tiny nozzle and flexible hose mean that regardless of the shape, size or materials used in your drain and sewer system, water jetting can get the job done.


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