Drain Camera Inspections: is your plumbing ready for its close-up?

Drain cameras have done for plumbing what the Internet has done for… well, everything else. It has made finding things so much easier.

Before drain camera inspections, pinning down the exact cause and location of a blocked pipe would have meant digging up half the South Coast. Now, simply by sending a drain camera down your pipes and sewer lines, your local plumber can solve the case in a matter of minutes – no guesswork (or random digging) required.

7 Reasons to call in the plumbing paparazzi

It’s amazing just how many issues a drain camera inspection can solve. Here’s seven of the best:

Locating Pipes
A lost pipe seems like an odd problem to have. But occasionally pipes can be hard to locate – putting a spanner in the works of your extension or renovation. A drain camera inspection allows your plumber to map out your pipes and draining, so your architect or draftsman knows exactly what they’re working with.

Finding the source of a blocked drain
With a drain camera, your plumber can quickly work out what’s blocking your drain or pipe (and where). Different blockages can require different solutions. Knowing if its tree roots, greasy sludge or a structural issue can really save us time (and you money).

Sanity checking repairs
Non-invasive blockage and pipe repair solutions are great – but visibility is lower with these methods. That’s why a good plumber will always want to get ‘one last look’. A drain camera allows them to check that a blockage or repair has been carried out correctly and completely, before calling the job ‘done’.

Quality assurance on new builds
When you’re handed the keys to your new home, your plumbing should be 100% problem-free. That’s why a final drain camera inspection should always be carried out to make sure that any work-site sediment has been cleared and all pipes and drains have been correctly installed.

Prevention of plumbing issues
Regular drain camera inspections can help to prevent a lot of major issues with your plumbing. Even a small hairline fracture can cause tree-root-attracting moisture to seep from your pipes and into the surrounding soil. Early detection and intervention will stop an impossible tangle of roots forming –reducing the risk of damage and the need for higher-cost repairs.

Finding lost valuables
Many a wedding or engagement ring has been lost down the sink, seemingly lost forever. There’s no question: new diamonds cost far more than a drain camera inspection. If you act quickly, there’s a good chance that your lost item can still be located (if it’s within your property’s boundary).

Inspecting a potential new home
Most people know to have a potential new home inspected for termites or building faults, but what about drainage issues? Major drain repairs can be costly to fix, so it’s surprising that buyers often overlook this area of the home. A simple drain camera inspection could prevent many cases of buyer’s remorse – or at least help you factor in the cost of repairs into your offer. Crisis averted.

For a fuss-free inspection of your pipes and sewer lines, contact Franklin Plumbing for a drain camera inspection today.

Because we service all locations from Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea and Jan Juc, through to Aireys inlet, Fairhaven and Lorne, no matter where you are on the Surf Coast, you can be sure that a Franklin plumber is never far away.

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