Franklin Plumbing is your local expert for all plumbing and allied services. From emergencies to maintenance, installations and renovations, we can provide all the domestic and commercial plumbing support you need.

Emergency plumbing call-out service

From burst pipes to blocked sewers and everything in between, call our 24/7 hotline on 0421844865 and we’ll be there as soon as possible to help un-disaster the situation.

Plumbing maintenance and installations service

There’s no excuse for wasting water or energy. Leaking taps, old shower heads, inefficient water heaters or just time to give the bathroom and kitchen a fresh look with some new tapware, there’s no job too large, no task too small. If it needs fixing or updating, Franklin Plumbing is happy to help.

Hot water service maintenance and installation

Like we said, there’s no excuse to waste water or energy these days. Whether you have gas or electric hot water, we can repair damaged systems on site, repair burst and leaking pipes and install new units. We can even advise you on the best options for your home.

Gas fitting

Gas cooktops, ovens and heating systems are common in many homes, however few people give much thought to the maintenance and checking off these appliances and the gas piping that feeds them. Franklin Plumbing can repair and replace appliances, check for leaks in your system and ensure your system is running safely and efficiently.

We can also help with the maintenance and installation of swimming pool heaters and installing mains-supplied gas barbecue lines – no more expensive gas bottles or running out of gas when you have guests.

Sewage and storm water service and repairs

Sewage and storm water management are fundamental in managing waste water from your property. Overtime, the existing services to your home can deteriorate causing soil contamination, pooling and unpleasant toxic backups. Franklin Plumbing is expert in identifying the source of problems and providing you with a lasting solution. We’ll unblock drains and pipes, clear tree roots, repair, and install new drains where needed and ensure your home remains sanitary and reliable for years to come. And we can help you make the most of your storm water run-off with water tank installation and other innovative, efficient uses for your run-off.

Camera drain inspection

Pipe and drain blockages are more than inconvenient. They can be costly and unless the correct repairs are undertaken, the problem can return over and over. With our specialist drain camera system, we can quickly diagnose the source and location of the problem and get the job done without expensive excavation and unnecessary repairs.

High pressure water jet drain clearing

When we locate the source of a blockage in your pipes, we deploy our high pressure water jet to clear the obstruction. Our water jet can clear all kinds of blockage from fat and grease deposits, solid matter through to even the most aggressive tree roots. High pressure water jet is the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly means of ensuring the proper flow through your drainage system. Franklin Plumbing recommends periodic water jet cleaning for properties prone to regular build-ups (such as restaurants) and tree root incursions. Don’t put up with slow draining pipes, call Franklin Plumbing today and avoid bigger problems with our water jet service.

Comprehensive roofing repair

Unless your home is properly water-tight from the roof down, your home can be at risk from a wide range of ongoing problems including mould, electrical problems and structural damage. All that from a leaking roof. Few people consider that the roof needs maintenance, but it’s like any other part of your home’s construction – and it has to manage everything nature throws at it, night and day.

Gutters have a limited life and need periodic replacement. Franklin Plumbing will not only ensure your home is leak proof again, we can even make it look great again. We can replace existing coverings, fascia, eaves, and down pipes that look great and that can cope with even the wettest of days. With Franklin Plumbing, there’s no need to arrange multiple trades to fix your roof, we can do it all.

New build and renovation plumbing and installations

Building a new home or planning renovations can be a handful, especially when it comes to coordinating tradespeople. Franklin Plumbing provides a full service from the ground up. That includes installation of essential services such as sewage and storm water, to fixture and appliance fitting, up to roofing and guttering. We’ll partner with you to give you not only the best service but great advice and clever solutions for your project. Because we’re locals, we’re also experts on what to expect, what works best and how to get the job done.